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Beauty Profile

Bronze Ur Bod, LLC


Founded: 2000

Owner: Monique Hernandez

Certifications: Cosmotoligist Licence


Areas of expertise:  Hair, Skin, Health, Beauty.

Youranswerto smootherflawless skin

Spray tanning is the ultimate spa experience and the elite way to effortlessly get a glowing tan.  In our convenient studio we provide gorgeous custom spray tans that are formulated specific to your individual skin type.
Why makes Bronze Ur Bod not your average tanning spa? Our spa specialist is trained and certified to ensure flawlessness and perfection for each one of our clients. We take pride in exceptional service standards with our healthy glow, remaining an appointment-only service specifically so we can focus on quality over quantity.

Our nationally- and locally-recognized tanning technique is focused on perfection, attention to detail, and the accentuation of your assets!  We use only state-of-the-art equipment to create your tan so that it complements your skin tone and texture, and helps you achieve that radiant, gorgeous glow you've been after!

Bronze Ur Bod uses superior organic solution that is enriched with key botanicals to beautify your skin:  Brazilian acai berry with its unparalleled antioxidant level and nutrient-rich content, skin-nourishing vitamins E & C, hydrating aloe vera, and the anti-aging botanical rosemary.

Bronze Ur Bod Salon and Spa offers a complete range of hair, skin, body and makeup services. We are dedicated to providing our guests with eco friendly, healthy, and customized health and beauty Signature Services.

At Bronze Ur Bod, we believe looking your best begins with feeling your best. We offer a friendly, relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and enjoy our wide range of services. Our sanctuary provides a quick escape from your daily routine so you leave feeling refreshed and radiating your natural beauty.

“Our mission at Bronze Ur Bod is to care for the world we live in, from the products we use to the clients we work with. We strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility in the world of beauty, using vitamins E & C, hydrating aloe vera, and the anti-aging botanical rosemary in variety of health and beauty services we provide."

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